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How to Hand Saw Acrylic Sheets?

Aug. 12, 2020

As a Lighting Diffuser Factory, share with you. You will certainly require:

Hand saw with a fine-tooth blade.

Ruler/set-square or lengthy straight side.

Marker pen or oil pencil.

Clamp (optional).

Strong level surface edge.

Action 1: Attract your standard.

First off, you require to create on your own a guide to comply with when reducing. Just like scoring acrylic, mark the line you wish to cut along with a marker pen or oil pencil.

Step 2: Clamp your acrylic into area.

Position your acrylic on a strong surface area, hanging the component which requires sawing over the edge. To avoid the acrylic from relocating, secure it to the strong surface. Avoid triggering great deals of movements or vibrations during the reducing procedure, as this is most likely to cause acrylic cracking.

Action 3: Translucented the acrylic.

Before you start: please note that you must not utilize a saw created for cutting timber. The teeth on the blades of woodworking saws are usually much too huge which can ruin acrylic when cutting. Opt for a hacksaw with a fine tooth blade.

Begin sawing along your line, ensuring that motion of the acrylic is kept to a minimum. Keep checking that you are adhering to the standard; it can come to be very simple to go off-track whilst sawing. As soon as total, there is a very high chance that there will certainly be a rough side, so it is worth sanding and brightening the acrylic perspex to recover its transparency and also shine.

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic Sheets

Fining Sand and also Brightening Acrylic Sheet.

You will need:

Steel data.

Sandpaper/ Sanding Block.

Buffing wheel.


Step 1: Submit down harsh edges.

It is necessary that your acrylic sheets have also sides. Utilize a steel file to smooth down any type of big chunks that might have been left behind whilst scoring or utilizing a saw.

Action 2: Sand down the sides.

Apply water to your sandpaper whilst it's on a sanding block. The sandpaper will certainly need to be thoroughly wet, so see to it you use enough water. From here, start to sand down the edge. As the edge becomes ever smoother maintain transforming the sandpaper for a finer grit up until you are left with 600-grit sandpaper.

Step 3: Enthusiast the sides.

Having actually utilized 600-grit sandpaper you need to currently have actually accomplished a smooth coating, nevertheless to attain a shiny and clear surface you'll need to buff the sides of your perspex sheet. Affix your buffing wheel to an electrical drill and apply a brightening compound either onto the buffing wheel or straight onto the acrylic. From here, you can just buff down the sides up until they have a shiny as well as smooth coating.

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