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Acrylic Sheet Advantages And Performance

Jun. 08, 2018

Acrylic Sheet has a variety of colors, rich colors, and extremely excellent overall performance, providing designers with a variety of choices, with the reputation of "plastic crystal".

Acrylic is the best new material that can produce sanitary ware after ceramics. Compared with the traditional ceramic materials, Acrylic in addition to the unparalleled high brightness, there are the following advantages: good toughness, not easy to damage; repairability, as long as the use of soft foam point toothpaste can be wiped clean ware; soft texture, winter There is no icy feeling; bright colors, to meet the individual pursuit of different tastes. Acrylic basins, bathtubs and toilets are not only exquisitely styled, durable, but also environmentally friendly. The radiation is almost the same as the body's own bones.

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Acrylic Sheet

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