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Application Field and Scope of PC Diffuser Sheet

Aug. 20, 2019

The PC Diffuser Sheet is one of our light diffusers. For the PC Diffuser Sheet, which fields can it be used for? What are the applications that can be used? Here, China Acrylic Sheet Factory tells you by example.

PC light diffuser application areas:

The diffuser is suitable for LED lighting fixtures of direct-lit light sources, such as downlights, grille lamps, and high-grade aluminum lamps.

The diffuser is suitable for side-light LED lighting fixtures, such as flat panel lights, advertising light boxes, professional viewing lights, and usually used with light guides.

PC Diffuser Sheet

PC Diffuser Sheet

PC UGR Diffuser application range:

For home theater, hotel, dance hall, night club, KTV box, concert hall, multi-purpose hall, studio, recording studio, theater, office, conference room, indoor stadium, library, exhibition hall, classroom, training center, interrogation Room...etc. indoor place.

This is the application field and scope of PC light diffuser, which is the basic of PC Diffuser Sheet. This gives us some choices.

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