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How much do you Know About the Dots on the Acrylic Sheet?

Jul. 22, 2020

As a Patterned Acrylic Plate Factory, share with you. Acrylic is also known as specially treated plexiglass. However, some acrylic veneers have been carefully inspected and found that there are some dots and crystal dots on them. So, how much do you know about these small dots?

J.K Acrylic Diffuser

J.K Acrylic Diffuser

In this regard, relevant people said that these small spots mainly refer to dust, crystal spots and pits. Generally speaking, the dust can be blown away. For the dust in the production environment, the dust on the film can be blown off with an air gun. The hand can also be touched, but the crystal and pock will be in the material. Brand new materials have no pits, but generally there are fewer pits in casting. Extrusion depends on the material. The better the material, the less.

Hot bending is a commonly used method in the processing of acrylic veneers. After hot bending, the acrylic has no joints, has a smooth shape, beautiful visual appearance, and does not deform or break for a long time. Generally speaking, there are two main processing methods of this processing technology, namely:

1. Local hot bending: Acrylic sheet is hot bent into a right angle to make a smooth arc, which is a common method used in the processing of acrylic products. Cut a piece of acrylic sheet, use a high-temperature mold rod to heat-melt the edge of the acrylic that needs to be bent. Generally, the bending temperature of 2-4cm sheet is 80-90 degrees; the plastic sheet is extruded, and the bending temperature is controlled at 130-135 degrees; the cast sheet can be bent at 140-145 degrees, and the number of hot-bending back to the furnace is within 2-3 times; in addition, the length of the hot-bending can not be too long, and the too thick sheet needs to be softened in the oven and the mold is opened. Hot bending, micro-grooves are required to prevent bursting when the plates above 5cm are hot-bent.

2. Overall hot bending: Generally, machine hot bending and baking are used. The acrylic sheet is placed in the mold to be formed, stacked together and placed in the oven, aligned with the position, and then manually supervised, so that the acrylic sheet will be Gradually soften with the increase in temperature, wait for a few minutes or a few seconds, and then attach it to the mold. This requires controlling the temperature of the oven and not rising too high. Then take it out to cool, and it is the acrylic product of the desired shape. Nowadays, many industries use acrylic materials to make products, such as display racks for hotel supplies, acrylic sheets for decoration and so on.

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