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What Is UGR19 ?

Oct. 10, 2018

UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is a process of calculating warmth from luminaires, light through windows and bright light sources. 

The UGR score can help to ascertain how probable a luminaire will be to cause distress to people around it. For instance the distress a Led Diffuser Plate can create the workforce inside a workplace. This classification ranges from 5 to 40, with reduced numbers suggesting low glare. 

In a office setting, for the luminaire to be categorized as"low glare" it should have a UGR under 19 at workplace level. Anything over this might lead to distress -- that further enforces the demand for top quality interior lighting that's rated UGR<19

Additionally, Northgate Lighting provide a variety of LED panels which have been independently confirmed as Low Glare (UGR19) thus ensuring that the probability of glare discomfort is kept to a minimal. 

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