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The Specific Advantages Of PMMA Diffuser Applied To The Flat-Panel Lamp

Nov. 21, 2018

J. K OPTICAL PLASTIC PMMA Diffuser provide the Greatest levels of Efficacy with the Best Assortment of options in beam angles, haze, clarity and color performance.

This technologies enables our sheet to empower superior light diffusion capacities together with exceptionally low light absorption allowing highly efficient lighting controller in many different LED applications.

Now, PMMA Acrylic Manufacturers will tell you the several Specific Advantage.

1. Low processing expenses. PMMA diffuser plate processing is simple, may be mechanical cutting edge, and may be laser-cut or blow molding, blister and other sexy forming approaches, so from the early generation of flat-panel lamps, PMMA plate is broadly used;

2. What we must state is that the transmittance of PMMA diffusion plate could reach roughly 90%. , but additionally it is troublesome to think about its ultra-high transmittance alone. It's well-known the lamp is a replica of the backlight, the airplane debris can also be required, due to the strong light, it's extremely simple to trigger bright spots and light guide plate mesh, flaws visible and so forth. Balance the transmittance and fog worth is also quite significant.

3. The impact resistance is worse compared to PC, but considerably higher than PS substance.

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