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The Advantages And Problem In Application Of PMMA Diffuser

Nov. 29, 2018

PMMA, Polymethyl methacrylate Which we call Acrylate in short. Do you know the PMMA Diffuser? A professional PMMA Diffuser Sheet Factory will summarize several features for you.

1. Acrylic Sheet Includes excellent weatherability, Higher surface Shine, and Great high Temperature performance.

2. Price low of PMMA Diffuser , cheap cloth and effortless molding. From the first LED panel lighting Manufacturing .

3. Outstanding printing impact. LED panel lighting is usually relatively straightforward. If consumer has need of a massive subject of screen printing, first option is Acrylic.

4. The fire resistance: Will not be spontaneous combustion.

5. High light transmittance, can reach 90%. But also trouble relating to it. We all know that LED panel lighting is backlit. High transmittance is tricky to conceal speckle. It's easy look light place.

6. And acrylic l is Twice sided with protective Picture, Simple to absorb dust, Generation will Price time tremendously.

PMMA Diffuser

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