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UGR19 Light Diffuser Plate Less Than 19 Is More Comfortable

Dec. 08, 2018

UGR is a psychological parameter used to measure the subjective reaction of light emitted by lighting devices in the indoor visual environment to the human eye. UGR<19 are more comfortable. Why do you say this, according to the measured and calculated standards? The following is an introduction to the sensitivity of different values of UGR values from China Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer.

The UGR value is divided into seven levels of 28, 25, 22, 19, 16, 13, 10, and so on. 28 is just unbearable value, 25 is uncomfortable value, 22 is just uncomfortable value, 19 is the limit value of feeling comfortable and uncomfortable, 16 is just acceptable value, 13 is just glare value, 10 is no Glare value. Most of the illumination standards of GB50043-2004 use UGR values of 25, 22, and 19.

This is why we say that the UGR19 LED Lighting Diffuser Sheet is more comfortable, and the uncomfortable glare in rooms or places commonly used in industrial buildings and public buildings should be evaluated by the uniform glare value (UGR). The UGR value is calculated according to the formula provided in Appendix A of GB50034-2004.


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