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LED panel light diffuser performance indicators-J.K Plas.

Oct. 18, 2017

J.k plas. Committed to the LED lighting industry, and specialized in optical and plastic manufacturing, such as LED diffusion sheet, optical acrylic sheet and ugr diffuser!

LED panel light diffuser performance indicators:

1, the material using imported optical grade PMMA, imported organic light diffusing agent, a unique optical material formula and a wealth of extrusion technology;

2, multiple optical design: scientific formula, reasonable appearance optical structure design, unique production process control;

3, supply light diffusion sheet with a full range of light transmittance and haze value;

4, the appearance of the pattern of diversification: a smooth side of the matte diffusion plate, side of the orange peel side of the matte diffusion plate; which texture smooth matte treatment, visual effects more beautiful; orange peel texture, increase wear resistance, scratch resistance Stable.

5, the perfect embodiment of light source color: color temperature does not drift, color rendering index does not decline, to maintain the use of LED character;

6, in the case of the same light source to obtain a higher brightness, effectively reduce the light loss;

7, excellent wear resistance, weatherability and heat resistance; excellent mechanical processing performance, domestic and other countries in Europe and other environmental reports.

8, specifications: 1220 * 1220mm, thickness: 1.5-3mm, the specific size can be customized according to customer requirements.

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