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Acrylic diffuser

Oct. 16, 2017

Acrylic diffuser, also named pmma diffuser, the function of this product turn  the LED light source into a surface light source, the light transmittance in a  certain premise, there is a certain degree of haze, and it has good light  shielding property. The difficulty lies in this product is the balance of  transmittance and haze two optical parameters, our LED lighting products  according to market differences in the structure, with different types of  products, each with a different light transmittance and haze, while secondary  with orange peel texture, glossy or matte texture appearance, the products are  widely used in LED Panel Light (panel lights), LED downlight mask, grille panel  lights, plays one kind of uniform light, soft light effect.

This product gets the huge potential in the optical plastic sheet  manufacturing field, we can tailor to customer’s requirement and offer laser  cutting service to meet some special demands.we would like to cooperate with you  to fill the gap of the market and explore the wealth from scratch!

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