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The magic of acrylic sheet

Oct. 17, 2017

Acrylic textured sheet toilet first appeared in the United Kingdom, there is a real case of  a British ICI (formerly DuPont company owned) provides: In Manchester, England,  has more than 2000 acrylic bathtub installed in a number of houses, these houses  are not private property, but rent apartments . 15 years later, these houses  were randomly selected from the 20 to check the use of acrylic bathtub. After  inspection, no one bathtub serious damage or defects. Two of the presence of  traces of cigarette burns, but only on a simple polished easily removed. There  is another due to the use of corrosive cleaning agents, gloss indeed decreased,  after simple treatment, the original high gloss and restored. Thus, acrylic  products, easy to repair and durability is very strong.


Acrylic sheet is following the manufacturing of ceramic sanitary ware can be the  best new material. Compared with the conventional ceramic materials, in addition  to acrylic unmatched highlight givers, there are many advantages. Reporter  visited a certain brand of acrylic ware building materials market. Staff,  acrylic ware good toughness, not damaged, and repair is very strong, with a soft  foam dipped in toothpaste as long as it can be a new sanitary wipe and soft  texture, no sense of biting cold of winter.

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