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The quality acrylic material identification methods

Oct. 17, 2017

1. With fire identification method: good acrylic material is not flammable,  the market is a lot of other materials to impersonate acrylic materials;

2. Plastic edge identification method: acrylic sheet is generally good when  the factory has soft edges, although named acrylic sheet, but a lot of that in  production added some recycled acrylic scraps, the so-called joint plate;

3. Thickness identification method, generally good acrylic sheet, The  thickness is enough, so if not enough, material is good , but also cut  corners;

4. Translucent identification method: good acrylic sheet revealing light is  pure white, not yellow or blue, and of course the lights to white, light  transmittance is different;

5, Difference between the relatively brittle acrylic sheet, the wind and sun  can quickly makd it fade, lose their luster; There are many other simple way, I  hope you use your own eyes of fire Venus to choose their own material. Many  people do not know that there are a variety of thicknesses of acrylic, so the  custom acrylic advertising, many do not define the thickness, but casually  chosen, resulting in a lot of product failure or irregular.

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