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How to choose the acrylic dome light?

Oct. 17, 2017
Acrylic textured sheet dome light also belong to product of acrylic in a representative of  the construction industry, Give full play to his transparent line, easy  processing and easy dyeing characteristic ,brings unexpected visual effect, the  following specific about the characteristics of the acrylic dome light.

1, Hardness

Hardness is directly related to the size of the content of acrylic, low  content of products produced feel soft, and in turn from the hardness is  hard.Hardness of hard and soft directly affects the degree of heat resistance  and deformation shrinkage products.

2, Acrylic tolerance

Mainly on the thickness of the prismatic acrylic sheet, according to the product and use  different and assess. generally the tolerance is no more than 3 mm.

3, Transparency,

Only through strict selection of reasonable production and processing  technology of rawmaterials, can ensure the product’s transparency and white  degree, Which is very important for the roof lamp.

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