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Prismatic Acrylic Sheet

Oct. 17, 2017

Prismatic Acrylic Sheet wear resistance and aluminum close to it from time to time  various chemical corrosion. Prismatic Acrylic Sheet with good printability and spray  resistance, using appropriate print (such as printing) and spraying process, can  give acrylic products (acrylic products) ideal surface decorative effect.  Distinguish:

1. Feel: High quality acrylic material silky feel mellow, and without a  sweat, fingerprints.

2. Thickness: The thickness range is acrylic bearing rigid standards, 8 to  12 cm is a common thickness.

3. Uniformity: uniform color also determine whether or not one of the  standard acrylic or bad.

4. Hardware: Good quality but aesthetically pleasing hardware is essential  for transparent furniture.

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