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Strip Acrylic Sheet Adhesive

Oct. 17, 2017

The Strip Acrylic Sheet abutting the two levels to be placed on the  platform, laying and pre-attached to the bottom of a seam seal tape until both  sides, leaving a gap width no more than the adhesive applied in preparation.  Acrylic adhesive with a syringe slowly injected uniformly from one side seam  until all filled, to be completely thrown off the tape can be fixed. Façade  adhesive bonding is the most widely used as a bonding technology has been widely  used in the production of acrylic products.First need to wipe clean the  adhesive surface, you can wipe with clean water, but do not scrub with alcohol  and other solvents, or easy lead to stress cracks. When a relatively large  bonding is best to use the cam plate can be fixed by adhesive material, not easy  to shift occurs, help to improve the quality of bonding. Sheet thickness is  within the Strip Acrylic Sheet adhesive can uniformly acrylic adhesive is  injected slowly with a syringe from the side, due to the capillary effect, so  that the adhesive flows over the entire surface of the surface, to complete the  bonding.

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