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BEF functional principles and production technology

Oct. 31, 2017

1.Brightness enhancement film function and principle

Brightness enhancement film called prism sheet, often referred to BEF, is the key components of TFT-LCD backlight module accounted for the highest proportion of the cost of the backlight module,also account 2-8% for the cost of the entire panel.The Precision micro-structure optical film,scattered light rays can be focused front,the original scattered light is concentrated to about 70 degree range,using light reflection of light recycling light outside the viewing angle that not being used reduce losses,is important energy-saving components for LCD.Usually a BEF can be increased by 40-60% luminance,when paired with two 90-degree vertical placement of brightness enhancement film can reach a higher luminance effects.

2.Brightness enhancement film production process and technology system

Brightness enhancement film production process including optical design, precision molds, chemical formulations and coated.International advanced countries practice on the mold roll, by light curing UV adhesive molding technology, to achieve micro-optical structure molding process.Brightness enhancement film most critical technology is carved on the roller prism pattern technology.

Brightness enhancement film most critical technology is carved on the roller prism pattern technology.In the lens extrusion production, the lens squeeze rollers processing technology directly affects the prismatic lens molding quality .Common practice in the world are processed steel roller coated with a layer lower hardness metals, such as copper and other metals,using diamond cutting tools required fine prismatic structure surface.This layer surface can not be achieved extrusion production state.Must coated on the surface of the processed fine structure of the hard layer of nickel or chromium,the most advanced technology is coated with a layer of nickel - phosphorus alloy,to meet the diamond tool carving prismatic lens process requirements.Meanwhile, the surface of the lens required accuracy and surface finish are very high,this system roll technology is still a worldwide problem.

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