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Acrylic prismatic sheets

Oct. 13, 2017

We manufacture Acrylic prismatic sheet, standard size is:1220*1830*2.5mm,the  price is 18.33USD /sheet, prismatic sheets in order to improve the performance  of light sources.

Descriptions of acrylic prismatic sheet:

high quality Acrylic Prismatic Sheet Length is 2500mm, Width is 1250mm and  Thickness range from 2 to 6mm, Acrylic prismatic sheet, or called Acrylic  prismatic panel is of kind of textured acrylic, The diamond shaped patterned  sheet is a brand new design, more brightness, more precious, can reduce the  glare effectively.

Advantages of acrylic prismatic sheet:

Excellent transparency.

Good mechanical performance.

Good electrical insulation.

Stable and durable.

Applications of acrylic prismatic sheet:

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