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Thermoforming Acrylic Sheet

Oct. 13, 2017

J.K Optical Plastic Co., Ltd. specializes in many kinds of acrylic sheets,  such as thermoforming acrylic sheet, textured acrylic sheet, acrylic diffuser,  acrylic mirrored sheet.etc.

For our thermoforming acrylic sheet, To meet the different light  transmittance and diffusion demands, there are several distinct thermoforming  acrylic sheet available.its width is 900mm-1350mm, Thickness is 1.8mm, 2mm,  2.2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm.,and the length can meet to customer’s demand, For small size,  saw cutting service is available. It is very easy and convenient to operate.

At present, thermoforming acrylic sheet is the other main product of our  company; thermoforming acrylic sheet is an idea material of lampshade for LED  ceiling light, And we are looking for sole agency for each country and regions  worldwide, if you are interested in being our agent, we would like to cooperate  with you to develop its huge market in the future!

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