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What is the difference between PMMA Diffuser Sheet and PC Diffuser Sheet?

Dec. 18, 2019

At present, there are many types of diffusion plates on the market. This special plate uses a scientific production process. During production, the diffusing agent is uniformly distributed inside the plate through the process, so that a certain optical effect can be achieved. The principle of optical action of this board.

PMMA Acrylic Sheet

PMMA Acrylic Sheet

After the light is irradiated to the diffusion plate, the light diffusing agent inside it will play a role, causing some light to be refracted, reflected, and scattered. This will ensure the purity of the transmitted light and block the light source. The specific optical action principle is this: When light is emitted, it will encounter the medium. As long as the medium the light encounters is different from the previous one, different media will have different refractive indices, so light will be affected by the refractive index. When reflection or refraction occurs, it will also penetrate or be absorbed by the shielding medium because of the shielding medium, and the part of the light that has passed through will be diffused by the board. For this shielding medium, the larger its refractive index, the stronger the dispersion that occurs, and the smaller the amount of light that passes through the diffuser. The more it interferes with light, the more light it passes will be limited. A medium with a rough surface also has a great resistance to light. The refractive index of the shielding medium and the position from the light source also affect the light diffusion angle. For large angles, the amount of transmitted light is very small, and it is not suitable for lighting.

The properties of both are transparent plastics, with the same thickness and the same raw material particles. The acrylic sheet has a 2-3% higher transparency than the PC diffuser sheet, and the two are close to 90%. It is still relatively large, after all, there are 2 materials.

As a PMMA Diffuser Sheet Supplier, share with you.

Heat-resistant, temperature-resistant, and weather-resistant

PMMA Acrylic Sheet is easy to soften when it reaches 70 degrees, PC board is 120 degrees, PC board is more heat-resistant, suitable for a wider range of working applications.

2. Impact resistance, smash resistance, strength index

The thickness of the two is the same. The impact strength of PC diffuser sheet is 30-50 times more than that of PC sheet. Starting from 6 mm, PC thick sheet is a ballistic material. 3 mm PC diffuser sheet is not broken by a hammer.

3. Fire resistance and fire resistance

PC diffuser sheet is a class B flame retardant material, one of self-extinguishing plastics, which is not easy to burn, and acrylic sheet is not flame retardant.

4. Environmental protection

PC Diffuser Sheet belongs to environmentally friendly plastic. Some properties of acrylic sheet cannot be reached, so it is being eliminated by the society. Although China is a big country of acrylic sheet, there are very few acrylic sheets with high added value and they are too dependent on imports.

5. Small knowledge reminders

Acrylic sheet will be slightly deformed immediately under the environment of 60-95 degrees for a long time; acrylic sheet above 96 degrees can be made into a thermoforming process, which is the hot bending process commonly used in products. If you use acrylic sheet, it is recommended to use the ambient temperature Do not exceed 40 degrees.

PC board has superior temperature resistance performance, and it will not deform under minus 40 ℃ to high temperature 135 ℃.

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