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The Introduce Of Led Diffuser Plate

Oct. 22, 2018

In the use of flat light, the Led Diffuser Plate mainly plays the role of shielding the debris and the light guide plate, so that the light from the light guide plate is more uniform. The main materials are: PC, PMMA Diffuser Sheet , PS, PP. The most used at this stage is PS. Material.

Now, Led Diffuser Plate Supplier Introduce its advantages for you.

1. High strength and elastic modulus, high impact strength and wide temperature range;

2, high transparency and free dyeability;

3. H.D.T. high (heat distortion temperature refers to the temperature at which plastic begins to deform under a certain pressure.)

4, good fatigue resistance;

5, good weather resistance (weather resistance refers to the plastic products due to exposure to sunlight, temperature changes, wind and rain and other external conditions, and the emergence of a series of aging, such as fading, discoloration, cracking, chalking and strength decline Phenomenon, in which ultraviolet radiation is a key factor in aging plastics.

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Led Diffuser Plate

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