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Some Tips of Using PAMM Diffuser sheet

PAMM diffuser sheet has superior impact strength and toughness,in the using and processing pmma acrylic material, some tips here:

Acrylic prismatic sheet, or called Acrylic prismatic panel is of kind of textured acrylic, looked like diamond shape, is a quality extruded lens that provides very good low brightness control with excellent light output. It utilizes a diagonally oriented prism pattern, features a 5*5mm square base female conical prism placed on a 45° axis, that are optically designed to provide excellent light control, meanwhile resulting in a high level of visual comfort.

UGR is short for Unified Glare Rating, UGR is a psychological parameter to measure the subjective response to the the human eyes' discomfort which is caused by the light emitted from the lighting device in indoor visual environment. Its value can be calculated with CIE uniform glare value formula according to specified computational conditions. Different UGR values lead to significant differences of lighting effects, which consequently causes huge visual and psychological differences. It can be used in various places and details are as follows.

J.K optical Plastic Co., Ltd. To meet the different light transmittance and diffusion

Acrylic Textured & Pattern Sheet Acrylic textured sheet, or patterned diffuser are based on a proprietary platform that combines advanced microstructures with optical PMMA substrate and versatile form factors. The patterned diffuser provide industry-leading performance in terms of angle control, efficiency, source hiding, and aesthetics, is an idea choice for LED and Fluorescent luminaires. Meanwhile the textured acrylic sheet offer unprecedented visual and aesthetic appeal, They are frequently used in architectural, office, hospitality, and decorative applications. Numerous patterns are available upon request.

J.K optical Plastic Co., Ltd.
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