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Acrylic mirror sheet
Acrylic mirror sheet

    First Surface, or Double-sided mirror sheet consists of an opaque film of aluminum, which is vacuum metalized in a vacuum chamber and are protected on the back by a tough clear coating and the front surface is protected with either a clear polyethylene film.

    Acrylic mirror is also available with options, such as a pressure sensitive backing, protected with a release liner or with an abrasion resistant front surface for that extra durable requirement. The plastic may be plated on either surface, offering a standard mirrored sheet or a first surface mirrored sheet. Acrylic mirror sheet is used in numerous applications: plastic displays, plastic signs, plastic letters, decorative profiles, locker mirrors, shower mirrors, dental utensils, etc. 

    Thickness size Available Colors
    060" (1.5mm) 48   x   72  Stock Item 1830*1220mm Silver, Gold, Bronze, Grey-Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue
    080" (2.0mm) 48   x   72  Stock Item 1830*1220mm Silver, Gold, Bronze, Grey-Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue
    118" (3.0mm) 48   x   72  Stock Item 1830*1220mm Silver, Gold, Bronze, Grey-Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue
    177" (4.5mm) 48   x   72   Non Stock Item 1830*1220mm Silver, Gold, Bronze, Grey-Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue
    Custom Thickness & Size Available

    Half the weight of glass, acrylic mirror is shatter resistant with extensive design flexibility. It may be cut into intricate shapes, drilled, sanded, polished, machined, cold formed for curved shapes or heated for sharp line bends. Safer than glass with ten times the break resistance, acrylic mirror lends itself to many different applications. Acrylic mirror is a highly reflective material, manufactured by only a handful of companies nationwide.

    First Surface Mirror is often used in retail display and special lighting. The dual surface reflection property is ideal for those applications where the back of standard acrylic mirror would be exposed, or where a reflection in both directions is desired.

    Additional notes: - First Surface / Double-sided Mirror is supplied with a protective plastic film on one side  - First surface mirror is not suitable for external use  - Acrylic mirror is not as rigid as glass and, as with all acrylic mirror, visual distortion can occur. - Correct installation and sufficient material thickness can reduce visual distortion but will not completely eliminate it. 


    3D sheet use for panel light

    3D sheet use for panel light

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